Professional development for teachers is not a new idea. It's a well-developed industry.

The problem is the resources, as they are currently made available, can be costly, rely on access to up-to-date technology, or require reliable internet access.

At this time, we are focused on removing barriers to these resources — but we're not trying to re-invent the wheel. There are already incredible materials concentrating on teaching pedagogy methods out there. For now, we are using these great, open-source resources and are committed to making them accessible to the teachers we work with.


Support System

Professional development workshops are only half of the Beyond the Board program.

Learning takes time, even when you're the teacher. Teachers need time to adapt the pedagogy tools and methods they've learned to their own classrooms.

We match teachers with advisors, who are experienced teachers themselves, to ensure they get the support they need during the workshops and as they adapt their learnings to their own classrooms.

Advisors are selected and matched using criteria developed in consultation with teachers, education experts, and our advisory board.